1. Recruitment process

Recruitment – Interview

Foreign language and vocational training

Exit procedures

Job recommendation after returning home

Working abroad


2. The profession of providing labor

+ Electronic worker, technical worker

+ Nurses, caregivers

3. The contents of Training

Foreign language training and culture of the country to work

Labors are allowed to participate in foreign language training courses and cultural customs before going abroad to work, helping you be completely confident and soon integrate into the new environment

Vocational skills training

For the technical professions
We cooperate with Colleges and Universities (Hanoi Industrial University, Hanoi Vocational College …) to organize training to improve the skills of workers to meet the requirements of the receiving unit.

For the nursing care profession

We have a complete vocational training facility, synchronous with the equipment modeled by Taiwan, with a team of longtime professional teachers and a training program associated with reality. , after finishing the course, students get practical internships at our nursing facility
We have a complete vocational training facility, synchronous with Taiwan-modeled equipment, a team of experienced teachers with long-term experience working in prestigious hospitals and nursing homes in Taiwan, training program attached to reality. After finishing the course, students get a practical internship at our nursing home.

That has helped you to equip yourself with solid luggage and a confident posture when going abroad to work.

4. Oversea labor management

In Taiwan, we have the representative staff to help workers solve problems from working abroad

5. Our Partners

Gold Circuit Electronics Ltd

(GCE) was established in 1981, adhering to the principle: Top Quality and Customer number one to serve throughout the decades of business history. In addition to its base in Zhongli, the company has also invested in establishing a factory in Suzhou, mainland China. Monthly production scale exceeds one million square feet. According to future development plans, production scale will continue to expand to meet the needs of customers.
– The company’s products are mainly focused on products related to computers (such as servers, workstations, laptops, desktops, etc.). In recent years, the company has expanded into the field of communication / network equipment, mobile phones and modern supplies, etc …
In addition, the company continues to improve customer service quality. GCE has established service bases in the United States, Europe, China, Japan, Singapore and other regions of the world to be able to provide the fastest and best service, and collect the delivery direction. product development
– Gold Circuit Electronics Ltd. (GCE) is a close customer of NHAN AI., CORP since 2007 and has received hundreds of Vietnamese workers to work.

Chang Gung Hospital (Truong Canh) – Taiwan

Founded in 1976, as a non-profit hospital, Mr. Yung-Ching Wang, former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Formosa Plastic Group, is world famous in the petrochemical industry and Mr. Yung-Tsai Wang co-located hospital building foundation, for the purpose of improving Taiwan’s medical examination and treatment level, training a team of skilled doctors and doctors, to provide the best medical services.
– Currently the largest and most complete hospital system in Taiwan. The hospital functions include acute and chronic medical examination and treatment, long-term nursing, the most perfect healthcare services of all ages from children to the elderly, and training to improve medical quality. doctors and nurses. Being a fully functional hospital from providing medical examination and treatment services, professional training, to applied research.

— Including 7 hospital systems: Chilung (Co Long), Taipei (Taipei), Linkou (Linkou), Taoyuan (Taoyuan), Yunlin (Yunlin), Chiai (Chiayi), Kaohsiung (Kaohsiung) .
Every year, the hospital system receives more than 8 million 200 thousand visits of examination and treatment, with nearly 10 thousand hospital beds, inpatient treatment more than 2 million 800 turns, performing 140 thousand surgeries.
The hospital has been honored many times to win the gold award “National Prize for Medical Service Quality”.
– Since 2015, the Hospital has cooperated with Nhan Ai Company in recruiting a team of Vietnamese nurses to work and coordinated in organizing to bring Vietnamese people to medical examination and treatment at the Hospital.

– KUANG EN was established in 1977 and is the first aged care center in Taiwan.
– A team of staff with extensive experience in the health system, at the same time the group has recruited professional nurses and professional social workers, nutritionists and physiotherapists, to form Professional care team, providing customers with a full range of care services.
– KUANG EN always considers the comprehensive health care of the elderly as the principle, providing comprehensive care in accordance with government policies. And in 1998, the group provided home care service projects to extend services to families, communities and remote areas.
– Regarding the concept of care, KUANG EN is always oriented towards social needs. The group also hopes to develop KUANG EN into a training-oriented care facility. The Group always wants to give the elders living in KUANG EN the feeling of being “at home”, in other words, “Where the heart is.”
– Since 2007, Quang An has cooperated with NHAN AI., CORP to recruit, train and receive Vietnamese nurses and caregivers to work.


Công ty HHCP thực phẩm Giai Cách được thành lập vào năm 1986 bởi ông Tào Đức Phong- người đã nhận bằng Tiến sĩ về kỹ thuật thực phẩm tại Đại học Bang Colorado, Hoa Kỳ.
Kể từ khi thành lập vào năm 1986, Giai Cách đã tâm huyết xây dựng nên 4 thương hiệu lớn, cho đến nay đã tung ra thị trường hơn 600 sản phẩm dinh dưỡng sức khỏe. Công ty hy vọng sẽ mang đến cho mọi người nhiều sự lựa chọn chất lượng cao, để mọi người có thể có nhiều hơn các sản phẩm dinh dưỡng và sản phẩm bảo vệ sức khỏe, và duy trì trạng thái sức khỏe tốt nhất.
Công ty HHCP Thực phẩm Giai Cách là khách hàng thân thiết của NA., CORP từ nhiều năm nay và đã tuyển dụng hàng trăm lượt Lao động Việt Nam sang làm việc với công việc ổn, định, phúc lợi và thu nhập tốt