1. Recruitment process

Recruitment – Interview

Foreign language and vocational training

Exit procedures

Job recommendation after returning home

Working abroad


2. The profession of providing labor

+ Internship in agriculture, industry (mechanics, electronics, garment, food, construction …).
+ Internship in healthcare.

3. The contents of Training

Foreign language training and culture of the country to work

Students are allowed to participate in foreign language training courses and cultural customs before going abroad to work, helping them be completely confident and soon integrate into the new environment.

Vocational skills training

For the technical professions:

We cooperate with colleges and universities (Hanoi Industrial University, Hanoi Vocational College …) to organize training to improve the skills of workers to meet the requirements of the receiving organizations.

For nursing care professions:

We have a complete vocational training facility, synchronous with the equipment modeled by Japan, with a team of longtime professional teachers, a team of Japanese experts and a training program associated with reality, after finishing the course, students get practical internships at our nursing home that has helped you to equip yourself with solid luggage and a confident posture when going abroad to work

4. Oversea labor management

In Japan, we have the representative staff to help workers solve problems from working abroad.

5. Our Partners

AOIKAI Medical Group was established in February 1978.
– Main areas of activity:
+ Take care of sick people.
+ Elderly Care.
+ Caring staff training.
– The subordinate units:
The group currently owns 130 affiliated units, including:
+ Modern hospital system with a total of 5,928 beds.
+ System of nursing homes with a total of 8,116 beds.
+ System of high quality medical clinics.
+ College of nursing.
+ Hotel system.
– Number of employees: 15,200 people.
– Friendly working environment, strict management system.
– In 2018, the group cooperated with NHAN AI., CORP to recruit a team of Vietnamese nurses to work.
– Operation motto: Provide comprehensive care services to everyone so that everyone can live a healthy life.


– Shimura Furoide Medical Group includes Hakujinkai Medical Company and Hakuyukai Social Welfare Company, headquartered in Ibaraki Province, Japan.
– Main areas of activity:
+ Provide medical services.
+ System of nursing home for long-term, short-term care, day care.
+ Training of nurses and caregivers.
– The company’s motto “We will provide a service that connects closely with the region so that the elderly can feel secure and enjoy life in the place they were born. That’s why, every day we are always looking for new values. ”
– Nhan Ai International Corporation has trained and sent many interns and caregivers to the Group to work.
– Employees enjoy a stable salary and allowance and are always helped and supported by managers and colleagues at work.
– In addition, the trainee is also trained in Japanese 1 in depth, studying for the exam for the National Certificate of Care 1 day / week, he still receives a salary

– Genkimura Group is a large medical group of Japan established in 1993, headquartered in SAITAMA province – Japan and now has many facilities all over Japan.
– The main commercial aspect:
+ Nursing homes for special care, … more than 80 facilities
+ Day care: more than 20 facilities
+ Caring staff training school
– Employees: 2,635 people (in which, official: 1,607 people, partime: 1,028 people)
– Not only domestic development, the Group has expanded investment in nursing homes to Asian countries such as Taiwan, China, Myanmar, …