1. General introduction

Overseas study consultancy activities of NA., CORP are implemented under the license number 5219 / GCN-SGDĐT by the Department of Education and Training of Hanoi City.

With the desire to energize the students to turn their dreams into reality. The Company always creates the most favorable conditions for learners, reduces financial pressure for families through direct exploitation in foreign markets, searching and exploiting scholarship programs. in Japan and Germany, especially for nursing.

After graduation, students will be committed to working with a good and stable income for a long time.


Route in Vietnam

Apply and register to study at Nhan Ai Corp

Learning German in 03 months

Test for A1 certification

Learning German (B1) and join the primary course of care for the elderly

Test for B1 certification

– Route in Germany

Learning German (B2), German language for nursing and integration knowledge for 3-6 months

Test for B2 certification

Official apprenticeship contract

– Route for nursing vocational training in Germany

3 years of training in nursing – working while studying

Graduated and worked in Germany

– Route for Opportunities to reside in Germany

After graduation, working for 03 consecutive years

Long-term residence rights

Full 08 years of stay (including apprenticeship period) – German citizenship

German citizenship

3. The reason why should choose to study nursing in Germany

Studying nursing care in Germany is one of the most popular options for many young people today. Join us to find out why you should choose the nursing profession

A nursing career is not a too strange name for many of you, especially those studying in this field. The main job of nurses in Germany is to monitor and take care of people’s health at the center or home.

When choosing to study nursing in Germany, you will be studying a nursing training program according to German standards, taking care of the elderly in nursing homes.

Why choose to study nursing in Germany?

Studying in German nursing will help you have the opportunity to study and work in a developed country with a modern medical system and high remuneration policy.

The incentives when you join the study abroad program of nursing in Germany:

Have the opportunity to work while studying

During vocational training, you will be able to participate in practical training at hospitals, nursing homes to apply the knowledge you have learned into practice. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to earn extra income while you apprentice

The international students often receive salaries from 1100 – 1300 Eur / month. In fact, the salary of the nursing industry is the highest compared to the German vocational study system. With this money, you can completely cover all the costs and have the extra money to have a more comfortable study abroad life.

100% Free of Study

When choosing to study nursing in Germany, you will be 100% free of tuition

The German Government’s maximum support policy to attract and supplement the scarce nursing workforce in this country, opening up opportunities for Vietnamese young people to study and work in the professional environment

Stable job and a high chance of settling down

The nursing profession is one of the jobs that is seriously lacking in labor in Germany. Therefore, after completing the apprenticeship program, you will have a very high opportunity to work with a stable salary from 2300 – 2500 Eur / month. Especially if you pay tax in full for 4 years here, you will have the opportunity to settle in Germany permanently

Opportunity to study in Europe

When studying in Germany, you will be granted a European visa; this is a great opportunity to visit and explore ancient European countries, but equally modern and magnificent

4. Our Partners


• High rate of getting Visa because of the cooperation program with a large group and a reputation for Nursing in Germany
• Free B2 course in Germany.
• Free apprenticeship tuition in Germany
• Salary during apprenticeship is up to 33 million / month, after graduation salary up to 65 million / month
• Qualifications are recognized throughout Germany
• Be accepted to work at establishments in the AZURIT HANSA system after graduation.
• Luxurious nursing home system with modern supporting machinery
• After graduation, you can continue to study into the Nursing University training program or take a senior position in the AZURIT HANSA system.
• The opportunity to settle in Germany with the same benefits as a German citizen

Kolping Group

Kolping Wuerttemberg Training Institute e.V. is an independently registered association and is open to all cultures to advanced education, vocational training and training.
Operates in more than 20 locations in Baden-Württemberg with more than 70 private schools and a staff of over 600 teachers. More than 10,000 people are trained each year – from daily courses to multi-year training courses, from high school to college graduation – in career-related social work and career-oriented programs to vocational training at schools in a foreign language.
Elderly nursing is an industry in the school’s training system and an important social work, a future career. Employment opportunities for aged care nurses in addition to nursing homes, routine care centers and outpatient service centers also have rehabilitation facilities and counseling points.
In addition to the usual three-year aged care nurse training program, there is also a four-year senior care nurse training program for immigrant students.