About us

Nhan Ai International Corporation would like to send our respectful greetings to customers!
We have 15 years of experience in recruiting, training and sending human resources in and out the country, especially skilled and high-quality human resources, we understand that the recruitment of elite workers is indispensablefor each business.
To meet that demand, we have continuously improved and advanced the quality of services from recruitment, training to management of overseas workers.
In recruiting work, we have cooperated with the school system from high school to the career-oriented vocational school system, orientation for pupils since they were still studying in high schools, linking with vocational schools to train vocational skills, and creating jobs for students after graduation.
In training, we have invested in comprehensive facilities and equipment according to foreign standards, and selected qualified teachers and foreign experts accompanying to teach; the training program is also built close to reality to meet the requirements of the user.
In the management of labor abroad: In each labor supply market, we arrange staff to regularly coordinate with the Owners to solve problems arising from employees in time.
Besides, with the increasing rate of the aging population in Vietnam and worldwide, the urgent need for human resources to care for the elderly at home and abroad is huge. We have invested in a vocational training facility with modern and synchronous equipment, a team of Japanese experts, nurses with long-term experience in the profession and apply for the program hand-held, practical training to train high-quality nursing nurses to meet the needs of domestic and foreign care.

Up to now, we have recruited and trained over 3,500 trainees to work at home and abroad, with more than 30 domestic partners and more than 300 foreign partners in Taiwan and Japan. We are constantly expanding, looking for partnerships with domestic and foreign customers, creating many job opportunities for employees, helping them to stand on their own feet, contributing to build a prosperous and happy life for their family.

NA., CORP has always improved itself to develop, striving to become the leading enterprise in training and dispatching skilled and high-quality human resources in Vietnam.


Recruitment – training and supplying human resources who are fluent in foreign languages, with proficient professional skills

Sending workers to Japan

Occupationsin industry, agriculture and caregivers

Labor Exports to Taiwanese

Occupations in: electronic workers, technical workers, nurses, caregivers

Study abroad in Germany and Japan

Receive a full scholarship, no financial pressure during the study abroad period. After graduation, students will be committed to working with a good and stable income for a long time.

Head Office
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Email: info@nhanaicorp.vn

Training center
No. 2C, Highway 23B, Nam Hong, Dong Anh Dist, Hanoi City

Practical basis
Van Tien Dung Road, Minh Khai Ward, Bac Tu Liem Dist, Hanoi City